Select the conference you want to view below sport name and date range. Conferences are sorted by economic determinant which estimates the potential the region has due to the wealth and population amount of that region. This allows us to view the skill level of regions with a minimized influence of wealth and population amount. Ties are broken based on lowest economic determinant. Be aware that regions from different eras cannot easily be compared due to inflation. Regions in italic contain some estimates due to a shortage of players in leagues with proper data, and therefore have a greater margin of error.

BASKETBALL: 1999/2000-2008/2009
20K | 100K | 200K | 300K | 700K | 1M | 2M
*it is important to keep in mind that most regions in these rankings, including those at the bottom, range from above average to elite on a global scale because this is not a complete list
*in some cases competent basketball nations, such as Greece, Angola, Georgia and Bosnia Herzegovina, could rank well here, but aren't included due to lack of players in leagues with proper data during this era
*rankings are based on total rating of top 5 players raised in the region, with some exceptions depending on situation